My PortraitWelcome to MonikaArt. I am Monika. I created this site to merge my passions and interests into one whole package. 
I love writing and am very passionate about empowering women. I have gone through some difficult times in my life that eventually led me to do a lot of soul searching. As a result, I emerged as a new, more aware and compassionate person. I am now a woman who owns herself back. I am past the stage where I needed to please others to feel accepted. I know what my life purpose is and I feel deeply connected to the divine.
Here is my virtual space where I feel inspired to express my authentic self hoping to help other women on their way to becoming the most brilliant, authentic and fully engaged with life, divine beings.
My Heart © Monika Mraovic

My Heart © Monika Mraovic

A little about me. I am deeply intuitive and I hug the trees as often as I can. I listen to my inner voice for guidance and I live my life following my heart. Trusting my intuition has led me on a journey where I am discovering my inner strength. I learned that once “I followed my heart the world would conspire on my behalf” ~ Paulo Coelho. This has been so true for me. The biggest obstacle in making a change in my life was my own fear of change, once I made up my mind and executed my plan, things started falling into place.

I am a published writer and an artist. I am holding a women circle to help other women achieve their potential, reach for the stars and live their dream. A new introductory workshop group is forming!  Please contact me if you are interested in joining us. The workshops run from 10am to 2:00pm . If you would like to contact me, please, use the contact me tab or visit my Facebook page.