Adventures in Online Dating Part 2

She looked at yet another profile. The photo was of a good-looking man with a warm smile. There was something in his eyes that kept her coming back to it. She gazed at the picture of him again in an attempt to understand what was drawing her attention to it. She closed her eyes for a moment and caught a glimpse of a Sunday morning breakfast table. There were stacks of waffles and pancakes there, a mug of coffee, a delicate porcelain cup filled with tea, and a scent of vanilla in the air. The laughter lingered in a room that was illuminated by the morning sunlight filtered through the sheers in the windows. There were people there, too. They were laughing and having a good time together. Then the image faded away.

She stared back at the profile photo and hit a button “Send message.” After she did, she pondered, “Will this attempt to meet that someone special be a success?” This was not an easy game, that online dating. Sifting through the online profiles and picking a person based on what they wrote about themselves was a tedious task. Most men she ended up meeting didn’t have that something she was looking for.

The answer came the next day. He texted her back. And it was a nice, eloquently written and skillfully crafted reply. Not merely a few simple words.. So the texting back and forth began.

They eventually decided to go for a walk on a beach for their first date. It was a safe place to meet a person one knows only from the world of virtual reality. As he was coming closer towards her, she was trying to decipher his facial features. She sighed with a relief. After all, in real life he looked like his online photo. Same warm smile, same friendly face. She relaxed and soon they were both engaged in a good conversation. The chance had it, they lived across the fence from one another. What were the odds? On the way to her car a cold ocean blast made her shiver and her date chivalrously offered her his jacket. The warmth was slowly starting to course through her body and with it was an added mixture of a new fondness for her companion.

To be continued…

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